About Mark Mobley:
Mr. Mobley is always on the pulse of the latest and greatest new innovations.  By making full use of the available computer technology, Mr. Mobley has become well learned and skilled in a variety of computer skills.  He gained a firm understanding of Adobe Photoshop by completing a personalized class under his instructor.  Mr. Mobley also has experience working with video special effects, video editing and recording.  Over the course of his life, he has become proficient in many programs to the point where using them becomes second nature.  There is a strong drive to organize and present information in an accessible manner; this is the goal of the computing age which is often burdened with cumbersome technology.   

His passion is crafting written work that moves and persuades.  Writing is his specialty as he has trained extensively to hone his craft, both from academic research, non-fiction writing, and the occasional creative writing project.  While not as prolific as other writers, Mr. Mobley focuses on quality of writing over just getting words on the page for the sake of filling space requirements. 

Unlike other people who cower in the spotlight of attention, Mr. Mobley relishes the chance to perfect his public speaking skills.  Armed with a topic for discussion, he can stir dialogue from the audience while articulating points of interest.  His professionalism and stature only serve to drive home the point to an audience which is starved for moving and inspirational words.  Passionate, keenly exciting, Mr. Mobley offers a new vision for public speakers.

Mark Mobley is a skilled technology user, writer and speaker.  Discover how he can assist you with your marketing goals!